Bridal MakeUp Tips

Wedding season is here! Weddings are a very important occasion in most girl’s lives since they could be dreaming and imagining about their wedding since childhood. Most women will leave no stone unturned to make this occasion memorable, especially the looking good part! Well for all the brides to be this year, here are some bridal makeup tips.

First of all, the skin has to have a fresh look and a soft glow in order to make your makeup shine.  A good professional makeup person can get you the perfect glow for your big day.

When it comes to eye make up, cat eyes are the rage and many brides also request for a smokey-eyed look. If you want to have that classy retro look, you can go for the feline look.  If you want to have a sexy bride look, you can go for the smokey-eyed look.

For the lips, brides are either opting for bold red lips or a nude glossy. A Retro feline eye look makes you look much more classier with a bold red lip color and a smokey-eyed look goes great with nude or sugar pink glossy lips. It is always better to keep the lips in a lighter shade if you are going for a bolder look for the eyes.

A sweeping of an appropriate blusher to the cheeks gives the bride a beautiful angelic look.

The latest trend in eyebrows are thick dark eyebrows, so let your brows grow till your big day and then get it threaded for a better result as threading gives a more precise and clean look than waxing.

Finally, the hair do! The fashion gurus are suggesting that big hair is back in fashion. A natural bouncy look is the in thing with big curly hair making a huge style statement.

For Indian weddings, however, the makeup trend still remains brighter shades for eyes as well as lips, although many are preferring the international look these days. Mehndi however is following a new trend. Other than hands brides are using mehndi on their neck and backs to give it a new fashion look with deep-plunging necklines.

So do not fret as your D-day is nearing. Relax, stay calm, eat healthy, exercise to maintain that gorgeous figure, and leave the rest to the professionals to make you look good on your big day!

3 Reasons Why I Love Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, if you have a significant other in your life, they are either dreading this commercialized holiday or accepting it full heartedly.  I am a hopeless romantic, and as someone who has grown up on Bollywood movies, and better yet, have a romantic father, I am in love with love.  My dad taught me that it matters not the cost of things (he usually plucks flowers for my mom), or what it is (his favorite thing to do is make her CDs), but the thought behind it.  So naturally. this is one of my favorite celebrations.

But the reasons I truly love Valentine’s day is because

1) It is a reason to pamper yourself and your partner.. Stay in the honeymoon suite at a five star hotel, visit a day spa together, shower each other with gifts, get dressed up for dinner, and order two rounds of dessert.

2) Celebrating your love in a new way keeps the spark alive. My husband is a Golf fanatic so I always try to incorporate Golf on our day. It is my way of celebrating one facet of who he is.

3) Life is short.  Celebrating Valentine’s Day gives you a reason to enjoy it more.

What are your reasons?

Think You’re Cut Out To Become A Threader?


I don’t know how many times I have been asked when we will start teaching threading classes.  In fact, one of the main goals I have had for many years is to have an academy with a primary focus on  Beauty classes (Threading, Mehndi, Glitter, etc) for the Beauty Professional.  While we have always trained employees and franchisees, I have hesitated to train individuals because I needed to know that the person or persons had what it took to be in this artform.

And it is an art. If you dont have passion, then don’t apply. If you are lacking integrity, then the Art of Threading is not for you.  If the idea of hard work scares you, then you are better off doing something else. If you don’t like people or are scared of learning new things on a regular basis, then perhaps Threading is not the path for you.  If being the face of a business unsettles you, then Threading is not your career.

If I sound a bit fanatical, there is a reason for it.  Threading is rapidly becoming a mainstream form of hair removal, and the people that join this beauty category need to be evangelists.  They need to be leaders. They are fearless, and invigorated at the thought of growing something unique. Now is NOT the time to be iffy or unsure.  I can tell you this right up front. If you have doubts, then Threading is not for you.

But, and this is a big but, if this post excites you then I suggest you email us at contact@zibabeauty, because classes are starting soon. :)