The Basics of Make Up Contouring

Contouring is the most basic and important step in makeup. It helps in enhancing the face shape by giving it a nice effect. Contouring can be used to give an amazing cheekbone appearance, reduce the width of the nose, make the eyes look bigger, and reduces the chubby look of the face.

Contouring  should be done with minimum make up and a light touch. Usually the appropriate contour shade will be one tone darker than the skin tone. There are different products available for contouring like powder, foundation, concealer, matte bronzer. Blending is very important or  else it will give the face a harsh and artificial look, thus one should use a proper contour brush.

The purpose of the contouring is to achieve an oval shape as it is the most ideal shape for the face. Contouring also helps in achieving a nice, straight look for the nose. It has to be done in a way that defines the nose and does not look artificial. Highlighting cheekbones can give a lot of definition to the face. It also gives an illusion that one has lost a few pounds. Contouring the jaw lines can enhance the whole look of the face.

An added advantage of contouring jawline is it hides the double chin and separates the face from the neck. Contouring eyes can give a nice depth to the eyes and any makeup will look lovely with great contouring. It also makes the eyes look big. It also helps to camouflage the dark circles and gives a young and fresh look to the eyes. Contouring the brow bone gives an instant lift to the face, and makes the face look much younger and eyebrows more defined. Contouring the chin is a finishing touch achieving an oval shaped illusion to the face.


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