Which Young Celebs Have Great Brows?

The latest trend when it comes to eyebrows are making them thick. Thicker eyebrows come in various forms, some are bushy but well-groomed, some are well arched, some are bold, some are long and lean, and so on. Whatever shape or size the eyebrows are but they increase the looks, and  there are some younger generation celebrities who are making a style statement with the kind of eyebrows they are sporting.

Sarah Hyland – Sarah’s brows are bold but yet they are beautifully groomed and look very neat. It totally enhances her looks and defines the shape of her face.

Cara Delevingne – This bewitching English Model actually restarted the whole thick eyebrow trend. Her name is synonymous to beautiful, thick, and bold eyebrows. She is blessed with these naturally thick eyebrows. The intentional ruffled look of her eyebrows gives her that young, wild, and raw look.

Kirsten Stewart – This young Twilight Saga heartthrob is another famous example of beautiful eyebrows. Although she does not have thick eyebrows, they are long and lean and perfectly shaped. It adds to the cute twinkle in her eyes.

Emma Watson – This sassy little seductress has the perfect pair of eyebrows. They are neither too thick nor too thin. They are neither too light nor too dark. They just sit there perfectly arched and making her look all the more beautiful.

Lily Collins – This delicate, porcelain beauty has one of the best eyebrows in the movie industry. She is gifted with naturally thick brows and needs very little maintenance. She looks ethereal with a flawless fair skin and a contrasting dark, thick eyebrows.

Chloe Moretz – This fashionable Kick-Ass femme fatale is an exquisite and enchanting beauty. She has a pair of well-groomed and thick arches which makes her face look all the more cute and dazzling!

Join the young eyebrow revolutionist brigade today!

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