The Magic of Inner Beauty by Sumita Batra

I always been fascinated with Asian beliefs. There is a science of face reading in Chinese which is thought to be derived from Daoist philosophy. According this classic Chinese facial reading, a beautiful, flawless, and radiant face is destined to have a better life and fortune. Thus,¬†the shapes of the facial features, the wrinkles, and the moles all affect the person’s life, health, and fortune in many ways. Literally, your face defines your destiny!

Although it is an ancient art, it might have some truth, because the outer beauty is the index of the inner beauty. In this context, inner beauty need not be limited to soul or mind but can be taken literally, because we are talking about the inner organs of the body. When all the organs of the body are functioning well, then the body automatically looks healthy and beautiful on the outside.

Eating healthy is the first step towards looking great. What you eat is what you are going to be. Eating wrong food like junk food and other fried food can affect the tissues and cause premature aging of the skin. Premature aging and wrinkling is also caused by food having sugars and saturated fats. On contrary, healthy food like green leafs, fruits, berries, beans, walnuts, yogurt, oats, green tea are all good for health and most of them have antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that lead to radiant and glowing skin.

Kidneys, liver, gall bladder, colon and lymphatic systems are the organs that play an important role in eliminating toxins from the body and help in repairing mechanism. When these are not functioning well, then the outer beauty is affected. Dark circles can also indicate poor kidney function. Good kidney function also improves luster of the hair and brings brightness in the eyes. Poor lymph function can lead to lack of nourishment to the skin. Poor liver and colon function can lead to wrinkles and pimples on the skin. It also can lead to skin blemishes and foul odor of body and breath.

A stressful lifestyle can also cause the person to age soon. Hence resorting to calming and rejuvenating process through Yoga, meditation, and detoxification can lead to inner health and outer beauty. So taking care yourself inside will automatically take care of your outside!

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