Lipstick Tips

In today’s world, lipstick is a part of every woman’s life. There are so many brands of lipstick available today, and Many of us are addicted to different and beautiful shades.  Many women do not step out of the house without lipstick on their lips and in their purse!

However, many of us come across problems like lipstick bleeding, lipstick not lasting long enough. We wonder how the celebs wear it so perfectly?  How do they get that beautiful sheen to their lipstick? How long does it last for them? Keep in mind, celebs use professional makeup artists to do their make up for any public appearance. These professionals use some simple tricks such as:

To make the lipstick long lasting, first apply a coat of lipstick, then blot it with tissue, then remove the tissue and lightly dust the lips with translucent powder, then add the next layer of lipstick. This trick will makes the lipstick last much longer.

If you want a matte effect to the lipstick, first apply a coat of lipstick, then dab your finger with powder blush (select color of blush nearest to the lipstick color), gently press the blush on the lipstick and you get a beautiful matte finish with brilliant pigmentation.

Ever wondered why red lipstick does not suit you? There are different shades of red available, but first you must know what your skin tone is. If you have a warm undertone, then you must select red lipsticks with yellow or orange red undertones. If you have a cool undertone, then select red lipsticks which have blue or pink red undertones.

Ombre is the flavor of the season! If you are bored of wearing a single color lipstick, try ombre. Use a darker lip liner and fill in with a lighter tone of lipstick on the inner part of the lips and blend in so that the two colors shade in to each other which gives the ombre look. Ombre gives a beautiful look to the lips. Ombre can be tried with more than two colors too.



The Basics of Make Up Contouring

Contouring is the most basic and important step in makeup. It helps in enhancing the face shape by giving it a nice effect. Contouring can be used to give an amazing cheekbone appearance, reduce the width of the nose, make the eyes look bigger, and reduces the chubby look of the face.

Contouring  should be done with minimum make up and a light touch. Usually the appropriate contour shade will be one tone darker than the skin tone. There are different products available for contouring like powder, foundation, concealer, matte bronzer. Blending is very important or  else it will give the face a harsh and artificial look, thus one should use a proper contour brush.

The purpose of the contouring is to achieve an oval shape as it is the most ideal shape for the face. Contouring also helps in achieving a nice, straight look for the nose. It has to be done in a way that defines the nose and does not look artificial. Highlighting cheekbones can give a lot of definition to the face. It also gives an illusion that one has lost a few pounds. Contouring the jaw lines can enhance the whole look of the face.

An added advantage of contouring jawline is it hides the double chin and separates the face from the neck. Contouring eyes can give a nice depth to the eyes and any makeup will look lovely with great contouring. It also makes the eyes look big. It also helps to camouflage the dark circles and gives a young and fresh look to the eyes. Contouring the brow bone gives an instant lift to the face, and makes the face look much younger and eyebrows more defined. Contouring the chin is a finishing touch achieving an oval shaped illusion to the face.


Which Young Celebs Have Great Brows?

The latest trend when it comes to eyebrows are making them thick. Thicker eyebrows come in various forms, some are bushy but well-groomed, some are well arched, some are bold, some are long and lean, and so on. Whatever shape or size the eyebrows are but they increase the looks, and  there are some younger generation celebrities who are making a style statement with the kind of eyebrows they are sporting.

Sarah Hyland – Sarah’s brows are bold but yet they are beautifully groomed and look very neat. It totally enhances her looks and defines the shape of her face.

Cara Delevingne – This bewitching English Model actually restarted the whole thick eyebrow trend. Her name is synonymous to beautiful, thick, and bold eyebrows. She is blessed with these naturally thick eyebrows. The intentional ruffled look of her eyebrows gives her that young, wild, and raw look.

Kirsten Stewart – This young Twilight Saga heartthrob is another famous example of beautiful eyebrows. Although she does not have thick eyebrows, they are long and lean and perfectly shaped. It adds to the cute twinkle in her eyes.

Emma Watson – This sassy little seductress has the perfect pair of eyebrows. They are neither too thick nor too thin. They are neither too light nor too dark. They just sit there perfectly arched and making her look all the more beautiful.

Lily Collins – This delicate, porcelain beauty has one of the best eyebrows in the movie industry. She is gifted with naturally thick brows and needs very little maintenance. She looks ethereal with a flawless fair skin and a contrasting dark, thick eyebrows.

Chloe Moretz – This fashionable Kick-Ass femme fatale is an exquisite and enchanting beauty. She has a pair of well-groomed and thick arches which makes her face look all the more cute and dazzling!

Join the young eyebrow revolutionist brigade today!

The Magic of Inner Beauty by Sumita Batra

I always been fascinated with Asian beliefs. There is a science of face reading in Chinese which is thought to be derived from Daoist philosophy. According this classic Chinese facial reading, a beautiful, flawless, and radiant face is destined to have a better life and fortune. Thus, the shapes of the facial features, the wrinkles, and the moles all affect the person’s life, health, and fortune in many ways. Literally, your face defines your destiny!

Although it is an ancient art, it might have some truth, because the outer beauty is the index of the inner beauty. In this context, inner beauty need not be limited to soul or mind but can be taken literally, because we are talking about the inner organs of the body. When all the organs of the body are functioning well, then the body automatically looks healthy and beautiful on the outside.

Eating healthy is the first step towards looking great. What you eat is what you are going to be. Eating wrong food like junk food and other fried food can affect the tissues and cause premature aging of the skin. Premature aging and wrinkling is also caused by food having sugars and saturated fats. On contrary, healthy food like green leafs, fruits, berries, beans, walnuts, yogurt, oats, green tea are all good for health and most of them have antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that lead to radiant and glowing skin.

Kidneys, liver, gall bladder, colon and lymphatic systems are the organs that play an important role in eliminating toxins from the body and help in repairing mechanism. When these are not functioning well, then the outer beauty is affected. Dark circles can also indicate poor kidney function. Good kidney function also improves luster of the hair and brings brightness in the eyes. Poor lymph function can lead to lack of nourishment to the skin. Poor liver and colon function can lead to wrinkles and pimples on the skin. It also can lead to skin blemishes and foul odor of body and breath.

A stressful lifestyle can also cause the person to age soon. Hence resorting to calming and rejuvenating process through Yoga, meditation, and detoxification can lead to inner health and outer beauty. So taking care yourself inside will automatically take care of your outside!