Some Make Up Tips by Sumita

Applying perfect makeup is a mixture of art as well as science. It requires a certain amount of knowledge, talent, and trial and error. Not all makeup suits every face. Makeup differs due to the shape of one’s face, eyes, nose, lips, and eyebrows as well as skin complexion. While many think makeup is just splashing on a little foundation and some lipstick and eyeliner, it is way more complicated than that. Here are some suggestions to avoid make up mistakes,

For contouring, always use a matte bronzer in a cool undertone, or else it will look unnatural. Do not apply foundation with a flat brush, it causes streaks and gives an uneven finish. Use a large brush and blend in the foundation in a circular motion to get a neat airbrush finish. Also take care not to mismatch the foundation. The face makeup should match the complexion of the rest of the body. Avoid talc and use powder sparingly. Too much powder makes the face look caked up. Use a puffy and clean brush in applying blush. A light application is the key, start small and build in.

Never use too much eyeliner or smudge it too much, else you end up looking like a raccoon. Always use a clean brush for blending eyeshadows. Always use a windshield wiping motion for blending eyes-shadows. Never apply shadow after concealer. Remember to use at least mascara if you do not want to use eyeliner along with eyeshadow. The eyeshadow always needs to be defined either with eyeliner or mascara to complete the look. When applying mascara, one coat in a single stroke is never enough. Apply two to three coats of mascara from the root to the tip to get that neat curl. Avoid clumpy lashes, it causes an unnatural look.

Lip-liner should look natural and match the natural lip color. Use the liner to shape and contour the lip. Fill in the lips with liner first and then apply lipstick. Even gloss will stay for a longer time this way and it also avoids bleeding of lipstick. Lipstick looks good on lips, not on the teeth. Blot the excess lipstick onto a tissue paper to avoid this.

When it comes to eyebrows, the rule is if you have blonde hair, your eyebrow should be two shades darker than your hair, and if you are a brunette, eyebrows should be two shades lighter. Over-plucked eyebrows are history! While filling your brows do not draw harsh lines and also do not forget to blend the lines well. Use pencil to shape the brows, powder to fill in, and gel to make them all stay together.

Every woman loves the confidence a perfect makeup gives to her!

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