The Beauty of Make Up

Women have taken refuge in makeup to look good since time immemorial. When we look at history, we see that many powerful women have not only been known for their strength, but also their beauty. A great example was Cleopatra. She was a powerful monarch, but she also known to mesmerize men with her beauty and sexuality. It is known that she used formulas prepared to make her skin glow, her lips blood-red as well the infamous and cat eyes liner look. Earlier Mesopotamian, Greek, and English women were also known to use makeup to look beautiful. What is the necessity to do makeup? It is a domino effect, makeup makes a woman look beautiful and when she knows she looks beautiful it automatically increases her confidence and her beauty and confidence in turn impresses others.

The color of the lipstick a woman chooses sends out different signals to people. Red oozes sexuality and confidence, and catches a person’s attention immediately. Pink and peach makes a girl look gentle, romantic, and feminine. Orange and coral brings out energy and excitement. Purple and burgundy makes the woman look intense and dignified. Brown and nude says that the woman is down to earth and grounded.

Eye makeup has similar effect on people. Beautiful smokey eyes create a curiosity in onlookers. It is intriguing and very sensual. Beautiful long lashes makes men get lost in those beautiful eyes. The feline eyeliner gives a wild but sophisticated look to the eyes. Using interesting colors like green, blue, golden, or metallic can make men go crazy.

Neatly shaped, thick or thin eyebrows also make women look confident and intelligent. Very thin eyebrows are outdated and make a woman look plastic.

Makeup manipulates age and makes a woman look much younger than her age. Make up hides the flaws in the skin and makes the skin look perfect. Everybody appreciates a woman who takes good care of herself and is well groomed. Many poems have been written on woman’s beauty describing her eyes, lips, hair, etc. To all the women, there is no age limit to look good, just take care of your health, stay fit, and make yourself look even more attractive with a touch of makeup!

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