The Beauty of Make Up

Women have taken refuge in makeup to look good since time immemorial. When we look at history, we see that many powerful women have not only been known for their strength, but also their beauty. A great example was Cleopatra. She was a powerful monarch, but she also known to mesmerize men with her beauty and sexuality. It is known that she used formulas prepared to make her skin glow, her lips blood-red as well the infamous and cat eyes liner look. Earlier Mesopotamian, Greek, and English women were also known to use makeup to look beautiful. What is the necessity to do makeup? It is a domino effect, makeup makes a woman look beautiful and when she knows she looks beautiful it automatically increases her confidence and her beauty and confidence in turn impresses others.

The color of the lipstick a woman chooses sends out different signals to people. Red oozes sexuality and confidence, and catches a person’s attention immediately. Pink and peach makes a girl look gentle, romantic, and feminine. Orange and coral brings out energy and excitement. Purple and burgundy makes the woman look intense and dignified. Brown and nude says that the woman is down to earth and grounded.

Eye makeup has similar effect on people. Beautiful smokey eyes create a curiosity in onlookers. It is intriguing and very sensual. Beautiful long lashes makes men get lost in those beautiful eyes. The feline eyeliner gives a wild but sophisticated look to the eyes. Using interesting colors like green, blue, golden, or metallic can make men go crazy.

Neatly shaped, thick or thin eyebrows also make women look confident and intelligent. Very thin eyebrows are outdated and make a woman look plastic.

Makeup manipulates age and makes a woman look much younger than her age. Make up hides the flaws in the skin and makes the skin look perfect. Everybody appreciates a woman who takes good care of herself and is well groomed. Many poems have been written on woman’s beauty describing her eyes, lips, hair, etc. To all the women, there is no age limit to look good, just take care of your health, stay fit, and make yourself look even more attractive with a touch of makeup!

Bridal MakeUp Tips

Wedding season is here! Weddings are a very important occasion in most girl’s lives since they could be dreaming and imagining about their wedding since childhood. Most women will leave no stone unturned to make this occasion memorable, especially the looking good part! Well for all the brides to be this year, here are some bridal makeup tips.

First of all, the skin has to have a fresh look and a soft glow in order to make your makeup shine.  A good professional makeup person can get you the perfect glow for your big day.

When it comes to eye make up, cat eyes are the rage and many brides also request for a smokey-eyed look. If you want to have that classy retro look, you can go for the feline look.  If you want to have a sexy bride look, you can go for the smokey-eyed look.

For the lips, brides are either opting for bold red lips or a nude glossy. A Retro feline eye look makes you look much more classier with a bold red lip color and a smokey-eyed look goes great with nude or sugar pink glossy lips. It is always better to keep the lips in a lighter shade if you are going for a bolder look for the eyes.

A sweeping of an appropriate blusher to the cheeks gives the bride a beautiful angelic look.

The latest trend in eyebrows are thick dark eyebrows, so let your brows grow till your big day and then get it threaded for a better result as threading gives a more precise and clean look than waxing.

Finally, the hair do! The fashion gurus are suggesting that big hair is back in fashion. A natural bouncy look is the in thing with big curly hair making a huge style statement.

For Indian weddings, however, the makeup trend still remains brighter shades for eyes as well as lips, although many are preferring the international look these days. Mehndi however is following a new trend. Other than hands brides are using mehndi on their neck and backs to give it a new fashion look with deep-plunging necklines.

So do not fret as your D-day is nearing. Relax, stay calm, eat healthy, exercise to maintain that gorgeous figure, and leave the rest to the professionals to make you look good on your big day!

Celeb Review: Best Brows by Face Type

Brows are my world. Eyebrows define the eyes, they express your mind, they beautify the face, but did you know that a wrong eyebrow shape can mess up the whole look of the face? That is because each face shape is different. The secret of good eyebrows is knowing the face shape. These face shapes are categorized into 6 basic shapes which are Round, Oval, Square, Heart, Long, and Diamond shapes. The eyebrow shapes differ according to the face shape, a wrong eyebrow shape for a wrong face shape is jarring and can end up making the face look bad. It is the job of a professional to check for the face shape before shaping the eyebrows. I always recommend that one take a look at Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities.

Megan Fox has the most fabulous set of brows in Hollywood. She has an oval face which is considered to be the ideal face shape and actually any eyebrow shape suits this face. But Megan’s soft, round angled eyebrows make her face look so delicate and glamorous!

Aishwarya Rai is a great example for a round face shape. When you have a round face shape. it is ideal to have a high arched brow because this makes the face appear longer. This ravishing seductress can make anyone fall at her feet just by arching her eyebrows!

Sarah Jessica Parker is an enticing beauty with a long face. To compensate for her long face she has flat shaped eyebrows which adds a little bit of width to her face. This pretty lady is classy and luminous!

Angelina Jolie, a seductive temptress with looks to kill, is blessed with an angular square face which defines her beautiful jawline. She is usually seen with an angled brow with sharp peaks to soften her jawline.

Reese Witherspoon is a beauty with a hypnotic smile and a heart-shaped face. This face shape is curvy but it is pointed at the chin and rounded at the forehead. The eyebrow shape of choice for this face shape is rounded eyebrow with soft arches. Arch may vary in being high or low depending on whether it is a short heart-shaped face or a long heart-shaped face.

Rihanna; a sultry and sublime star has a stunning diamond-shaped face. Her curved eyebrow softens the look and the arches elongate the face and balances the face.

Identifying the face shape is very important while shaping the eyebrows. If you want to look as stunning as these stars, go to a professional and know what your face shape is and get eyebrows accordingly.