The Inspiration of Maya Angelou

I am sitting in my Dubai Hotel room, missing my children and husband terribly.  To make matters worse, I just  heard about the passing of one of my favorite author’s, Maya Angelou. Instantly, it reminded me of my favorite quote by her: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I have posted it in various forms on social media as Food For Thought for my team, or as an inspiration to friends and family, but most importantly, as my personal mantra being the CEO of a beauty brand.  Sure, that may sound a bit hokey or even self-serving, but let me explain further. 

The last few months have been a blur of travel, and each time I leave my family to attend a conference, convention, or meeting, I make sure they understand it is not for business. Money comes and goes, but what has moved me around the world for the past 20 years has been idea of making people feel special. For me, it has never been about threading, mehndi or beauty products. The question I am constantly asking myself and others around me is what can we do as people to make a difference. I see my business as a way to educate, to show the beautiful world of South Asia with an artistic twist that informs while it beautifies.

Sure I sound either too naive or too idealistic, but Maya Angelou inspired me to do better, to be different so I could make people feel positively. Today, we lost a great soul. Let her words be our guideposts in life. Let her words mean more than just letters on a page.  From my end, I intend to keep trying to make feel something. What about you?

2014 Fashion Trends

BEAUTY TRENDS  FOR SPRING 2014 by Sumita Batra


Is it spring or summer?  Based on what I am seeing and reading in fashion, there are several interesting trends that caught my eye, and I think would make for a great experiment for those of you always looking for something new.


The spring is back loaded with the latest beauty trend for this season! Go get yourself a spring clean at a good salon, ditch the old boring look, pamper yourself with a latest trendy makeover, and step out of the salon scorching hot and watch the temperature rise around you!


We are listing a few of the cant-help-but-follow beauty trends this season for each category, you can mix and match some of the latest trends and make your own style statement.


Mesmerizing Manes:



Messy braids are making a big statement this season. So whether it is a 2 strand, 3 strand, French braid, Dutch braid, or whatever braid ….. Just get it messy.



Romantic and tousled up-do’s are the latest trend with a few loose tangles caressing the face and neck which would make you feel like a princess. Also another version is a braided up-do which can be worn for weddings and parties.


Regal Accessories

Get that fairytale look with Silk flowers strategically placed to give that beautiful, dreamy look. Tie a scarf like a band or wrap your head in a scarf to get that 60’s look or use an actual band to keep the growing bangs off your face.


Bobs of all shapes and sizes from smooth to choppy and textured and wavy are making a come back. Good news for all girls with short hair, get yourself that slick bob this season and look chic.


Low ponytails appear to be the new trendsetter. With the hair gathered and tied together at the nape, it is a simple and a good solution for a bad hair day.




Thick, dark, groomed eyebrows are the favorite this season. Everyone is insanely in love with bold brows . Not just the models even the celebrities like are going crazy with their strong eyebrows.


Enticing Eyes:


This season you can go for a feline look with a dramatic cat eyes and look like a wild temptress, or Go in for that enigmatic look with the blue or pastel green eye shadows, which are a rage this season,



Luscious Lips:


Corals for lips, orange mania everywhere, actors on the red carpet, models on the ramp, all of them are hypnotizing us with different shades of orange. The rage of orange was seen at various fashion houses.  The other favorite hues of the season are berry red color and the purple-pink orchid color, which will make you look as exotic and vibrant as the orchids. Also some of the neutral colors are in trend like the beige, rose, and brown to focus more on the bright eye makeup.


Scintillating Skin:


Yes Radiant, glowing skin is the fashion statement for 2014. There is no girl in this world that would not want a glowing, sun kissed skin. If you are blessed with it, you must take good care of it, and if you don’t have it naturally not to worry you can get that glowing skin you always longed for with some of the beauty products


Natty Nails:


Nails are seeing all bare and dare colors this season. Its either all black or all white. Matte texture is more preferred. Nail art is subdued this season with just stripes, checks, or rims, c.  The moon mani (just the crescent of the nail bed is painted in a contrasting shade over a nude or dark background) has become popular this.  Metallic colors are also the in thing this season, either a single tone or double tones.  Spring is given a warm welcome with pastel nail colors that seem to be straight out of a bouquet.


So what are you waiting for, its time to get out of that cocoon and morph your self into a trendy hot fashionable woman!