Eyebrows are like shoes??!!

Many don’t realize it but thin eyebrows are one of the first clear signs of aging. Eyebrows frame the face, show emotion, and when shaped properly, brighten the eyes and define the cheekbones.  In terms of physical features, other than a full head of hair, nothing is more important in looks than a great set of eyebrows.  Earlier generations of women knew this, but I feel that many now just see it as a beauty aid. They don’t seem to realize that too-thin eyebrows are something of a silent assassin. I remember smiling reading a New York Times Article that stated “eyebrows are like shoes; you won’t notice them unless they are exquisitely right or disastrously wrong.”

I have also noticed that along with thin eyebrows, many women suffer from crow’s feet which can make one look even older. Some in the beauty industry have managed to put the focus on marketing cures for that knowing full well that it is near impossible to get rid of crow’s feet. The simplest cure is fuller eyebrows. A brow makeover is an anti-aging miracle.  Well shaped eyebrows make an immediate difference in your perceived age.  So instead of wasting your time and money on those supposed “miracle cures” why not just ensure that you have the best eyebrows? Just like you know what the perfect shoe is for you, come to Ziba to know what the perfect eyebrow is.