The Art of Listening

I started this blog as a way to educate people about the unique industry we inhabit in the world of beauty.  However, there was another major reason: showcase what listening can truly accomplish for someone in life. Before you roll your eyes. let me explain. I started at Ziba Beauty as a newlywed 21 year old who loved what her mother was accomplishing. It was atypical for an Indian housewife to start a business let alone a beauty salon in a 400 square foot storage room.

What was even more amazing was that my father and brother helped her get the place ready along with my older sister.  Were they doubts? Did we ever wonder if we were crazy?  Yes, of course, but what was even crazier is that we all LISTENED.  It amazes me how often we get so caught up in talking over each other, that we forget one of the foundations of great communication is to be able to listen.  Not just head nodding or grunts, but really actively listening and giving feedback to the other person.

I assumed everyone did this because it is what I saw in  my family especially when making business decisions. It was natural for me to go to my mom and talk over my ideas, and then also talk to my husband.  I am used to being listened to, and in turn. always give others the same courtesy.  I see too often, others get caught up in being right or talking over the other person or really just preparing a reply before even the other person has finished.  What amazes me that some of these people consider themselves to be entrepreneurs.  If you are not willing to listen to your customers, vendors or even loved ones, then what you are really courting is defeat.

Yes, Luck and Hard Work play a part in Success, but what you also need to is the Art of Listening.  Until next time, I wish you an amazing week!

The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Threading

When my mom, sister and I started Ziba Beauty in Southern California 25 years ago, our goal really was simple: beauty.  It is why we chose the name Ziba which means beautiful in Persian even though we are Indian by birth. They say there are no such things as coincidences. My mom and sister were born in Iran, and all of us are fluent in Iranian. So when we got this chance to open a salon, my mom’s instinct was it had to honor our past influences as well as our culture.   Which is why I cringe when I hear some of the advice given to our customers by their friends and family about threading. It doesn’t matter where you go to get threaded, and the cheaper the better.

Just hearing that makes me blood boil because threading is more than just someone running a cotton thread over your skin. It just cannot be done by anyone, and if you are make the mistake of going to a kiosk or a hole in the wall business, then don’t be shocked when you walk out with eyebrows that are mangled,uneven, or worse, filled with cuts.

The Art of Threading is based on an exclusive curriculum that we created based on our 25 years of collective expertise, customer experience as well as knowledge. Yes. anyone can run that thread over themselves, but do they understand what eyebrow is best for you?  Can they knowledgeably discuss with you the latest trends or products that are best for you?  The reality is someone has to consider your face a canvas, and themselves as an artist; otherwise all you will be left is regret at going to the cheapest place rather than the best.

3 Reasons Why I Love Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, if you have a significant other in your life, they are either dreading this commercialized holiday or accepting it full heartedly.  I am a hopeless romantic, and as someone who has grown up on Bollywood movies, and better yet, have a romantic father, I am in love with love.  My dad taught me that it matters not the cost of things (he usually plucks flowers for my mom), or what it is (his favorite thing to do is make her CDs), but the thought behind it.  So naturally. this is one of my favorite celebrations.

But the reasons I truly love Valentine’s day is because

1) It is a reason to pamper yourself and your partner.. Stay in the honeymoon suite at a five star hotel, visit a day spa together, shower each other with gifts, get dressed up for dinner, and order two rounds of dessert.

2) Celebrating your love in a new way keeps the spark alive. My husband is a Golf fanatic so I always try to incorporate Golf on our day. It is my way of celebrating one facet of who he is.

3) Life is short.  Celebrating Valentine’s Day gives you a reason to enjoy it more.

What are your reasons?

Think You’re Cut Out To Become A Threader?


I don’t know how many times I have been asked when we will start teaching threading classes.  In fact, one of the main goals I have had for many years is to have an academy with a primary focus on  Beauty classes (Threading, Mehndi, Glitter, etc) for the Beauty Professional.  While we have always trained employees and franchisees, I have hesitated to train individuals because I needed to know that the person or persons had what it took to be in this artform.

And it is an art. If you dont have passion, then don’t apply. If you are lacking integrity, then the Art of Threading is not for you.  If the idea of hard work scares you, then you are better off doing something else. If you don’t like people or are scared of learning new things on a regular basis, then perhaps Threading is not the path for you.  If being the face of a business unsettles you, then Threading is not your career.

If I sound a bit fanatical, there is a reason for it.  Threading is rapidly becoming a mainstream form of hair removal, and the people that join this beauty category need to be evangelists.  They need to be leaders. They are fearless, and invigorated at the thought of growing something unique. Now is NOT the time to be iffy or unsure.  I can tell you this right up front. If you have doubts, then Threading is not for you.

But, and this is a big but, if this post excites you then I suggest you email us at contact@zibabeauty, because classes are starting soon. :)