Brow Pencil or Brow Powder: That is the Question

Isn’t it about time we put the age old battle of pencil vs. powder to rest?  When it comes time to decide which brow filling option is best for you remember these two words: it depends.  That’s right; there is no clear cut winner in this pencil/ powder battle.  The better brow is simply dependent on what you’ve got to work with and which type of look you’d like to achieve.

For someone with over plucked or naturally sparse brows, a pencil may be a smarter choice, as it tends to be more accurate than a powder.  Also, if you’re looking for a more precise or polished look, the pencil wins again.  Just make sure you use a high quality brow pencil that won’t tug the delicate skin around your eyes.  Look for something that glides on smoothly and won’t smear.

To get a precise, polished penciled look use light, short strokes that resemble your natural hairs.  Blend as needed.  Be careful not to overdraw or use long lines, which look unnatural and harsh.  Finish up with Brow Set to keep your look in place all day and night.

If you are someone with bushy or naturally bold brows, a brow powder is what you need.  Powders tend to blend easily with hairs and provide a more natural look.  The general rule is to choose a color one shade lighter than your natural for those with darker hair colors and to match the color of your darkest hair for blondes and redheads.

Using an angled brush, lightly apply the powder over brows (once again, use short strokes).  Finish up with Brow Set.

Which brow tool do you prefer?

From Runway to Real Life: The Bold and The Bejeweled

What’s on our beauty radar for fall 2012? Bold and bejeweled brows! Ziba Beauty’s design for a bolder, bejeweled brow was validated on the Fall 2012 Chanel runway.  Eyelids and lashes take a backseat as brows become the focus this fall.  Check out this baubled brow at the Chanel Fall 2012 show – would you sport this bold brow look?

Can’t commit to this high fashion look? For those who are looking for a more understated, office-friendly take on the bejeweled brow, try brushing our sparkly Brow Glow over brows to add a hint of glitter and a ton of dimension.

What Fall 2012 beauty trends will you be following?


How to Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

How to Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

The right (or wrong) brows can completely change the way your face is perceived.  Sure, we may see celebrity eyebrows that we want to emulate, but eyebrows should be a personal affair.  The best way to find your perfect brow look is to work with what your mama gave you, and follow these 4 tried and true tips:

  1. Always comb your brows before shaping.  Try brushing the hairs upwards and in one direction so you get an accurate representation of your brow shape.
  2. Using a pencil make a straight vertical line from the side of your nostril to your brow.  The place where the pencil meets the brow is where the hairs should start.
  3. Next, turn the pencil diagonally so it intersects the outer corner of your eye.  This is where your eyebrows should end.
  4. Lastly, move the pencil so it intersects with the iris of your eye (make sure you are looking straight forward).  This is where your arch should be.

Using these guidelines, you can identify your ideal natural brow shape.  We recommend seeing our professional brow artists to maintain the beauty and shape of your brow.  However, if a pro isn’t in the cards for you, adhere to these simple tips and you should be well on your way to beautiful brows.

Beauty Does Not Have a Price!

 Ever been complimented that “you look like a million bucks.”?  I know personally that when my husband says that expression to me, I am on top of the world! Who says girls should spend a fortune to look fabulous? Who says you have to use up a huge chunk of your earnings just to score the best beauty buys?
This week, I will list several makeup products along with easy application tips on what products women can scrimp on. These following beauty tips are for anyone on a budget. With prices of almost all products going up and worldwide economy crashing, we cannot afford to purchase products, which do not suit our needs or satisfy our desires. We must make sure that we are buying beauty products that are worth it.  So read on, if you are interested in staying beautiful without having to spend so much.

My good friend and Ziba’s Artistic Director Oscar Naranjo educated me that all lipsticks or lip-glosses have a general standardized quality. This means no matter what the brand of the lipstick or lip-gloss is, they are all the same identical quality! A tube that costs less can give you the same effect as one, which costs thousands of dollars.

Tips:  spend more time testing the countless finishes and colors in the beauty counters until you find the right one that flatters your skin tone.  Never test the lipstick on your hand to see if it complements your skin tone, as this trick never works. Try it on your lips! It is known as lipstick anyway, not “handstick”.

Eye shadow
There are many ways to experiment with eye shadow. You can play around with different colors and textures (from shimmer to matte).  A word of caution: Don’t shell out too much money buying the latest shades as eye trends change rapidly. By not spending too much, you won’t feel guilty about what you spent if a trendy look or color goes out of style.

Tip: Invest in eye shadow palettes to get a variety of shades at a cheaper price.

Cheek color
When you’re deciding on whether to use a blush or bronzer, the secret is simple for that perfect flush: find the right formula and shade that works for your skin type. If your complexion is dry, go for the cheek tints or cream blush for a fresh dewy finish. But if you have oily skin, opt for powder blush since this helps absorbs excess grease.

Mascara only lasts about three to six months as bacteria easily contaminate it.  it is wiser to buy an affordable product that gives you fabulous results rather than opting for expensive ones which may go bad if you don’t use it regularly.

I hope these quick tips about makeup and their application are helpful. Always remember you exude beauty when you have confidence in yourself!   No one will be able to tell that you are using products, which are not pricey as long as you know how to apply them properly.